Congratulations, you've earned a Schedule C on this year's return if you have earned income for yourself as a Contractor, registered business with the IRS, or a person with hobbies that have paid over $600. 

When you've earned income outside of your job, that income is added to a Schedule C (Compensation) form. This can include driving for Lift, Uber, InstaCart, etc.


☐ Business Name if different than what is listed on your 1040
☐ Ownership Acquisition Date and Distribution details 
☐ Owner #1 Name, Social Security number, D.O.B, Email, and Ownership percentage 
☐ Owner #2 Name, Social Security number, D.O.B, Email, and Ownership percentage 
☐ Owner #3 Name, Social Security number, D.O.B, Email, and Ownership percentage 
☐ IRS issued Tax ID letter 
☐ Secretary of State letter for LLC, Inc, and DBAs. 
☐ City license or Resale Certificate 
☐ Business checking account/current statement 
☐ Previous year completed Tax return  


☐ Hobby/Gig Work income 
☐1099-NEC and/or 1099-MISC 
☐ Merchant Account 1099-K - Including PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc.
☐ Reconstructed Income Document 
☐ Profit & Loss Affidavit 
☐ Balance Sheet 
☐ Journal Entries 
☐ Schedule K-1 records to verify amounts not reported on 1099-MISC/NEC 
☐ Sale of any Business Assets


☐ Business Expense Intake 
☐ Check Register and/or Merchant statements 
☐ Business Meals 
☐ Log of Cancelled checks, Credit card statements, Register Receipts, etc.) 
☐ Record of estimated tax payments made (Form 1040–ES) 
☐ Travel - Airfare, Taxis, Hotel, AirBnB, etc 
☐ Advertising - Digital, Traditional, Promotional, etc. 
☐ Professional – Accounting, Legal, Insurance, Permits, Licenses, etc 
☐ Bank fees and interest 
☐ Rent – Office, Storage, Warehouse, Storage 
☐ Office supplies and products 
☐ Mileage logs and other vehicle expenses 
☐ Business-use asset information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation 
☐ Home office square footage and/or Offsite Office square footage

Peak Season Pricing Sheet

Pricing is set by form and is reflective of us working around the clock to make sure that you are in compliance each and every quarter. 


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Every Schedule C is an add on form to the 1040 Tax Return to explain your Income and Expenses incurred over the last year for your non W2 earned income.


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Most states require a State Filing. If yours do, for each state worked in or lived in a State Tax return should be filed.


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When mistakes happen, take action with Audit Insurance. Many Small Business are invited for a discovery call by the IRS to determine if eligible expenses and income is accurate. Protect your tax file for 3 years by adding Insurance from Protection Plus to your return.


Common Forms:

  • Wage Documents +$20
  • Schedules A +$55
  • Itemized Deductions +$55
  • Interest & Dividends +$55 
  • Capital Loss & Gains +$55
  • Supplemental Income +$225
  • General Credits +$55
  • Casualty Losses +$30
  • QBI +$20
  • ITIN Application +$35
  • Automatic Extension $35

Protection Plus

If you or your last tax person made a mistake, we will clean it up. 
Just upload the files to the Client Portal and tell us what happened. The more information, the better! 

If a new problem does arise, you can feel confident knowing your Audit Team is ready to handle your communication with the IRS while you just wait for results.

*Covers up to $2500 in damages for only $75/per return.

Payment Options

  • All Debit Cards
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • ACH Bank Transfers
  • Stripe Payments
  • PayPal Payments
  • Invoice Payments
  • Pay By Returns
  • *No Cash - *No Checks - *No IOU's.

IL Review

When you need accurate income tax preparation, you have to trust Manevil with Herij Taxes with your financials. I know my whole family is covered because they ask more questions than any other office that i've been to. Five Stars!