When it's time for the whole family to move forward, Herij steps up to compile the numbers to propel your legacy forward. We will first start with who's a requirement and who has documentation. The rest is a breeze. 


We will ask the questions that will maximize your deductions to guarantee that your business has the paperwork to back up your goals.

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At Herij Taxes we love numbers and finding ways to keep your business moving forward. We will review your past 12 month books and create a realistic business roadmap for the next four quarters. Removing the stress and burden of financial compilation is how we can assist you tomorrow and beyond. 

  • Single
  • Widowed
  • Married Filing Separately
  • Married Filing Joint
  • Head of Household
  • Injured Spouse

Our Business Lending Network is Growing

When you Need Money to Repair Your Home 
Secure your Business Loan of $10k - $400k   with less than 10% interest. 
$$ Our Lending Network will say YES when the Big Banks say No! $$

Request a boost of Cash Flow to keep your family in motion. Before we submit your application, we will look for gaps in your information and correct them before a loan officer sees your documents to insure your approval.

  • Fast Funding from 3-7 Days
  • Get the Customer Financing to Drive Your Sales
  • Many Providers = More Approvals and Profits for You
  • Programs for All Credit Levels Including 2nd Chance Financing For Low Credit
  • Immediate Approvals and Fast Funding


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1040 Filing


1040 NS, etc.

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Most states require a State Filing. If yours do each state worked in or lived in should be filed.

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Annual Amendments

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We're always working around the clock to make sure that you are in compliance each and every quarter. 

Need to add Self-Employment to your Personal Taxes?

Congratulations, you've earned a Schedule-C.

When you've earned income outside of your job, that income is added to a Schedule C (Compensation) form. This can include driving for Lift, Uber, InstaCart, etc. Text 8339446292 with any questions.

Arizona Review

I've had my taxes prepared by Herij for at least the past 5 years. Always quick and efficient. I definitely recommend their services if you want to receive the maximum return!