When it's time for the whole family to move forward, Herij steps up to compile the numbers to propel your legacy forward. We will first start with who's a requirement and who has documentation. The rest is a breeze. 


We will ask the questions that will maximize your deductions to guarantee that your business has the paperwork to back up your goals.

Need to add Gig work or 
Self-Employment to your Personal Taxes?

Congratulations, you've earned a Schedule-C!

When you've earned income outside of your job, that income is added to a Schedule C (Compensation) form. This can include driving for Lift, Uber, InstaCart, etc. Text 8339446292 with any questions.

Add My Schedule-C

We're always working around the clock to make sure that you are in compliance each and every quarter. 

2023 Pricing Sheet

1040 Filing

Starting at


Students and Seniors can now begin their tax filing as low as $85 for current and past year returns. 




Most states require a State Filing. If yours do each state worked in or lived in should be filed.



Starting at


Did the IRS recalculate the return you filed yourself or did you forget to add a few documents on your last return? If so, don't worry let us help.

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Common Forms used:

  • Wage Documents +$35
  • Schedules A +$100
  • Itemized Deductions +$100
  • Interest & Dividends +$75 
  • Capital Loss & Gains +$115
  • Supplemental Income +$125
  • Credit +$55
  • Limitations +$35
  • QBI +$115
  • ITIN Application +$45
  • Automatic Extension $35
  • Injured Spouse Allocation $75

Audit Insurance

When mistakes happen, take action

If you or your last tax person made a mistake, we will clean it up. 
Just upload the files to the Client Portal and tell us what happened. The more information, the better! 

If a new problem does arise, you can feel confident knowing your Audit Team is ready to handle your communication with the IRS while you just wait for results.

*Covers up to $2500 in damages for only $75/per return.


  • All Debit Cards
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Invoice Payments
  • Pay By Returns
  • *No Cash - *No Checks - *No IOU's.

AZ Review

I've had my taxes prepared by Herij for at least the past 5 years. Always quick and efficient. I definitely recommend their services if you want to receive the maximum return!