2021 Rates

Take advantage of our affordable document prep fees.

Each season we come up with incentives to move your filing fees around. To gain your trust we offer referral fees to send benefits to your close family and friends. This year your rate includes our File and Fly reward as well as Covid-19 discounts for those in need.
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All returns efiled will include:

  • Software Transmission Fee - $25.00
  • Software Technology Fee - $15.95
  • Transmitter Fee - $5.00
  • Herij Federal Prep Fee - Starting at $100
  • Herij State Prep Fee - Starting at $40

Optional Charges:

  • TPG Bank - $34.95
  • Refund Advantage - $39.95
  • Republic Bank - $41.95

If you elect to pay for your service from your refund, you will be charged from our partner bank. You can eliminate the bank charge by paying your fees upfront, forgoing any 3rd party bank fee.

Pay By Refund

Rate Lock until 2022

Every year we are bound to rate contracts with our software suppliers and must adhere to their changes. This year all invoices contain standard Herij Document Preparation fees and Software usage fees based on the below chart.

Payment Options

  • We take Stripe, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Invoice Payments
  • *No Cash
  • *No Checks
  • *No IOU's.
Text 708-545-5549 to file 
Individual FEDERAL filing rates
  • US Individual Income Tax Return Student - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return Senior - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return Single - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return Widow - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return MFJ - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return MFS - $130
  • US Individual Income Tax Return HOH - $130
  • Individual Federal Tax Form Puerto Rico - $130
  • Individual Federal Tax Form Non-Residents - $130
  • Amended Returns Current Year - $250
  • Amended Returns Past Year - $440
  • All Wage Documents - $15/each
  • Income Statements - $15/each
  • Credits - $20/each
  • Alternative Minimum Tax - $5/each
  • Hobby Income/Schedule C - $250


For all Past Due or Slow Pay accounts, we contract with Summit Collects (Collection Agency). We offer Payment Plans prior to submitting your file to the collectors. If your account is under seven months of no pay, please login and create a payment arrangement. 

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Individual STATE filing rates
  • State Income Returns - $40/each
  • State Amended Returns Current Year - $50/each
  • State Amended Returns Past Year - $60/each


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  • We contract with Summit Collects (Collection Agency) for all accounts unpaid after 7 months.

Need Tax Insurance

When mistakes happen, take action.

If you or your last tax person made a mistake, we will clean it up. 
Just upload the files to our ePort system and tell us what happened. The more information, the better! 
If a new problem does arise, you can feel confident that we will send your data direct to our Audit partners immediately. 
They will represent you with the data that we provide, you just wait for results.
*Covers up to $2500 in damages for only $70/per return.


  • Sole Proprietor Income
  • Schedule C - $285
  • Estate Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits 
  • Form 1041 K1 - $450
  • Trust Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits 
    Form 1041 K1 - $550
  • Partner's Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
  • Form 1065 K1 -  $575
  • Shareholder's Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
  • Form 1120 K1 - $400
  • 501 c3 Exempt ​- $385
  • Form 990 - $425
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I've had my taxes prepared by Herij for at least the past 5 years. Always quick and efficient. I definitely recommend their services if you want to receive the maximum return!

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